Inground Swimming Pool Automation

pool lights at night

Written by Reaves Newsom


February 28, 2013

Residential inground pools nowadays are so much easier to take care of than those even just a few years ago.  The pool automation choices available have become easier to use and more capable of controlling just about anything in and around on the pool.

Imagine that on the way home from work you could turn on your spa from your phone so it’s warm and ready when you get there.  Now you can.

Imagine changing the colors of the lights in the pool from your laptop.  Now you can.

Imagine having complete control of your pool functions over the internet.  Now you can.

All these things are possible now through the use of apps for the iPhone/iPad and software on your PC.  Pentair Aquatic Systems pool automation products, like the Easytouch or Intellitouch systems, controlling your pool’s functions are as easy as a touch of a button or tap of the screen.  With the addition of Pentair’s Screenlogic, the pool system can be controlled through the internet on your PC, iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Android smartphone.  Setup is simple and takes just a few minutes.  Zodiac has their Aqualink system available too.  With the addition of iAqualink they too have a system capable of automation through hand held devices and PC.  Rounding out the big 3 manufacturers Hayward also has their Prologic automation. Couple the Prologic with their Aquaconnect system and depending on the options you choose it will do the same as both Zodiac and Pentair.

You can hook up your pool automation so that it can control almost anything you can turn on and off.  With custom names you can label those buttons for anything like landscape lighting, step lights, ceiling fans etc. Pool automation has become a staple of most inground pool installations these days and are a top choice when retrofitting or renovating your pool.

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