5 reasons NOW is the best time to build a pool in Atlanta

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Written by Reaves Newsom


October 29, 2013

You’ve tossed around the idea of building a pool in Atlanta for a while now and I hope we can convince you that now is the best time to pull the trigger on that decision with [rcsps].  Waiting until the spring to build a pool seldom gets you the final results you are looking for.  By the time springs rolls around the top tier pool builders are meeting with tons of potential clients and also have a backlog of sold pools and work in progress.  Properly managed, that backlog is no big deal but more often than not it is the opposite with many builders.

Here are 5 reasons that we believe the time to build a pool is RIGHT NOW!

  1. We are bored!  (Just Kidding) This is not the busy season that spring and summer are.  There are more crews available to work in the off season and therefore more labor to put toward each individual swimming pool project.  Your job flows smoother and gets done quicker pending weather.
  2. This is a construction project that will come with some lawn damage and will require some new or refurbished landscaping. Replanting in the fall to early spring gives the new plants time to take root and fill in just in time to start swimming.  Starting your build in the early spring can do the same but the closer you get to the heat of summer the more of a task it will be to support your new landscaping with water and nutrients.
  3. Investigating, buying and building now will enable you to learn what you need to know, get the design you want, and have it installed without threat of losing out on part of the swim season.
  4. Some permits take less than a week but others can take up to 8 weeks.  Instead of anxiously awaiting the permit approval in order to get started ASAP, by starting now, you will have time to really understand the timetable for construction and make unhurried decisions on design and colors, despite however long the permitting process takes.
  5. You’ve done your research to build a pool but you are not really sure what all you want.  That is where we shine. Starting now gives you plenty of time to have input in the design, reduce change orders and stay more in control of your budget.

Good luck with your project.  We hope that you will consider [rcsps] to build your pool in Atlanta. Contact us and we will be happy to come out for an appointment.


Reaves Newsom, Principal/Owner

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