Can You Build Your Own Pool

build your own pool

Written by Reaves Newsom


November 7, 2013

Well, of course.  However, think about what you want out of it, and do you have the time, patience, and expertise to pull it off? Are you aware of the permitting requirements, setbacks, pool construction techniques, and engineering required to build your own pool and meet code?  This is an endeavor that you do not want to be paying for with repairs and surprises you were not aware of, nor do you want it to be a hazard when not built to code.  Not constructing a pool to code can have major negative financial implications if someone is injured or if you try and sell the house and the inspection reveals something is not to code.  NOT EVERY CODE REQUIREMENT IS INSPECTED.

I have to admit, building a pool is not rocket science, then again building a house isn’t either. I doubt many of us would try to build a house ourselves much less build our own pool. Over my 20-plus year career, we have seen thousands of mistakes, hundreds of code violations, and aesthetically unpleasing results and we know how to prevent them.

There is also an increase in the number of “consultants” or companies that say they can “help” you build your own pool for “thousands” less. Do your homework!!! This, of course, goes for ANYONE you are hiring to do business with:

  1. Read online reviews (Better Business Bureau, kudzu, yelp, etc.)
  2. Get references (MANY)
  3. Read the contract (if there is one)
  4. Understand fully and in writing what is the warranty (generally there isn’t one with a consultant) and who stands behind it (If you are building it then it is YOU).
  5. Who do you call if there is a problem?
  6. How long will construction take (and hold them to it)
  7. When are payments due
  8. Ask them how they make their money

This is certainly not a complete list of what to look for but it is a good start. There are great people in this industry but just like many others, there are also ones you should steer clear of.

[rcsps] is proud to offer a ton of references, a stellar reputation, and a beautiful gallery of pools to look at (as well as GO AND SEE). We stand behind every pool we build and the manufacturers of the components we use give [rcsps] and our customer’s excellent warranty support. Good luck in what you decide but I hope you will invite us out so that we have the opportunity to show you our process, our results and our pools, and we will contact you for a no obligation appointment with our experts.


Reaves Newsom, Principal

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