Evolution of Technology in Pool Design and Construction

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Written by Reaves Newsom


September 8, 2021

Swimming pools have evolved with time. Outlined is a list of modern pool designs that you may find interesting.

  • The Infinity pool
  • Saltwater systems
  • Pool lights
  • Pool sound system
  • Pool water features
  • The adjustable depth pool

The history of in-ground pool installations and modern advancements show a remarkable evolution of technology in pool design and construction. Potential pool owners are often ignorant of the range of choices available when designing a new pool. A swimming pool does not have to be a plain white square; you can construct it to precise specifications and have various amenities. 

This article will look at the fantastic upgrades and design elements that pool owners and hotels use in pool construction. It will also look at the evolution of technology in pool design and construction.

The Infinity Pool

The infinity pool features a glass edge that creates the appearance of no boundary at all. The water will merge with the sky, or if you are overlooking the ocean or a lake, it will seem as if the pool is part of the water beyond and will continue to infinity. These pools are stunning regardless of your vantage point. 

The infinity pool incorporates the surroundings into your pool experience.

Salt Water Systems

Aquatic systems in pools are not new to many, but they have become famous for backyard pools. A saltwater system delivers a constant supply of chlorine to your pool, preventing the buildup of chloramines, which cause swimmers’ burning red eyes and asthma-like symptoms. Instead, apply a small electric charge to the water and a low amount of salt for the molecules to produce hypochlorous acid, a powerful and safe sanitizer. 

After you’ve cleaned your pool of germs and other undesirable stuff, the salt molecules reassemble, and you can recycle.

Pool Lights

Pool lighting has also transformed over the years. During the pool building process, lighting is the first thing to install inside the pool wall. This single light, or more depending on the size of your pool, is a transparent light intended only as a safety device for night swims.

Today, your pool’s lighting system may incorporate in-pool lights, floating lights, and surrounding lights such as overhead lights, feature lighting, and pool deck lighting. Light bulbs may also come in a variety of hues. Some pool owners use various colors to emphasize distinct pool areas, such as orange in the spa and deep purple in the pool. 

Some people like to use lights to define different depth levels in the pool. Feature lighting may highlight a specific specimen plant or tree or amplify a waterfall’s significance. Floating lights come in various designs that may make the pool seem more romantic or contribute to the party scene. 

The same may apply to overhead lights. Strings of colorful lights may give your pool a tropical party vibe, while rows of clear lights can give it a more elegant appearance. Please ensure that the lights you choose fit the pool and that a qualified electrician from a reputable company like the Atlanta Georgia Pool Company installs them.

Pool Sound System

Sound systems for pool areas are growing more popular, but there are certain factors to consider when selecting the ideal system for your pool. The first thing to think about is your next-door neighbor. What’s the distance between your pool and his yard? You can rock out every weekend if your pool is in the middle of a big property.

If your neighbor’s patio is just over the fence, though, you may need to keep your sound system to a quiet musical backdrop. 

Another factor to consider is the number of features in your pool that will conflict with your system’s music. For example, it may be tough to hear the music over the sound of a waterfall flowing into your pool or a spa spinning water if you have these elements. 

On the other hand, the sound system will primarily serve as background music while resting on the patio or enjoying an outside meal, and it should fulfill that purpose. You may either have your system permanently installed with underground wiring in your pool and patio area or utilize portable remote speakers that can quickly move if you need them. 

You may conceal speakers implanted in lightweight simulated rock material to fit in with the landscape with plants in the landscape or speakers fixed in lightweight rock material to mix in with the terrain. 

There are even devices that will float beside you on the water while you are resting.

Pool Water Features

Many pool owners are adding water elements to their pools to make them more unique. Water slides for children, fountains, waterfalls, and splash pools are examples of such features. Water slides have long been a staple of professional water parks, but you can now incorporate one into your pool. 

In addition, some pool owners build a sliding landscape to serve as both a stream and a slide.

The splash pool is also gaining popularity. Many pools had a bench in the past, although they were often just big enough for one or two people. The splash deck will enable many individuals to utilize it at once. It is a section of your pool that is shallower than the rest of it. 

You may even set up a beach chair here and relax in the water because its shallower depth serves as a play area for younger children in the pool or parents monitoring the youngsters in the pool.

The Adjustable- Depth Pool

Recent studies show that a firm is in the process of creating a pool with a customizable platform that raises and lowers the pool to desired heights with a button press. The platform functions as a deck when completely elevated and may accommodate furniture for an outside dinner or informal setting. 

In addition, it will be ideal for the grandchildren when lowered to splash pool depth. Reduce it even more and utilize your pool for water workouts, or reduce it to the maximum depth for swimming. Aside from suiting the pool’s many purposes, the platform also serves as a safety element, eliminating the need for a protection cover.

Remote Controls

You can use a remote control to switch on and off your pool filtration. The same may apply to the pool lighting and light intensity. You may also use your mobile device to control the pool’s chemical levels. You will save time and money every time because the new pool technology enables you to manage a pool maintenance function using a remote.

Final Words on the Evolution of Technology in Pool Design and Construction

Finally, trends do not have to determine the kind of pool construction you choose. But, on the other hand, motivation from the present prospects is always a positive thing. The evolution of technology in pool design and construction is still ongoing and is not stopping any time soon.

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