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Written by Reaves Newsom


February 8, 2014

There are different ways to keep a pool clean

The excitement that comes along with a family’s decision to build a residential swimming pool is often a serious mood elevator.  Kids’ faces perk up, Mom and Dad smile with confident pleasure and the house pet loses its bearings, wondering what all the fuss is about!  Their dream is about to come true!

Paramount Head

However, later on, in the quiet moment of reflection, some reality begins to creep in.  Just as with all major financial and property decisions, there are unintended consequences that will eventually have to be addressed.  Yes, it’s true that a swimming pool will bring years of family fun and lasting memories, no doubt.  But there are some ongoing chores that come along with it, too. Who’s going to keep the pool clean?  How difficult will it be?  Will my dream become a nightmare?

Good news!  It doesn’t have to be an overwhelming issue.  In today’s pool industry, it would be fair to say that we’ve come a long way.  You have some choices when it comes to keeping your pool clean such as:

  • Vacuum hose, vacuum head, and pole – DIY

  • Hire a pool service company

  • Robotic cleaner or pool sweep such as Polaris or Legend

  • In Floor Cleaning System such as the Paramount PV3 System

Let’s discuss the last two options a bit more.

Robotic Cleaner or Pool Sweep

Most pool owners will be familiar with the conventional pool “sweep”, a robotic unit that works on the pool pump power and roams throughout the pool area, vacuuming leaves and small undesirables.  It will usually be attached to a fitting in the pool wall and have a reservoir or net that theoretically stores the debris that it sucks up.  You’ve probably seen them before like a Polaris or Kreepy Krawly .  Available in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes, this method has been around for a long time and, usually comes at a nominal cost.  Purchasing one of these “sweeps” will place you in the majority of pool owners.

polaris 3801

Drawbacks?  Well, let’s first understand…there is no 100% perfect automated pool cleaner, okay?  So, when investigating all of the choices you have, keep that fact in mind.  The premise of “sweeps” is that of an automatic vacuum cleaner that works via a time clock, even when you are not home.  But the reservoir, usually a nylon mesh bag, will get full—soon.  Someone will have to empty it or it will lose its effectiveness.  Also, the “sweep” will have to be removed from the pool when you have bathers in the water.  No one wants to get wrapped up in the lengthy hose that connects the unit to the pool wall.  Here’s where it will pay to think ahead.  How will the unit be stored and handled once it is removed from the water?  Will it be left where it was extracted, on the pool deck, to be kicked around or tripped over?  I’m sure you can envision several disastrous scenarios when the kids are having a birthday party, attended by numerous friends, all ramped up about jumping in and getting wet…uhh…sound familiar?  Also, understand, the “sweep” will not be effective in a connected spa, raised benches, tanning ledges or steps.  That will still require manual effort with the conventional pool brush.

kreepy krauly legend pool cleaner

Lastly, whether it sounds pretentious or not, is aesthetics.  The “sweep” will not win many beauty pageants.  It’s a robot, plain and simple.  It’s like a plastic alien in an oasis-like environment of colorful sparkling water.  When considerable effort is made to design a natural environment to go along with the pool of your dreams, you can see the conflict.

In Floor Cleaning System

That brings me to my preferred method of keeping the pool as clean as possible…an around-the-clock pool professional.  Not really, I’m just kidding!  However, the closest we can get to constant pool cleaning help is the In Floor Cleaning System.  Imagine a timed sprinkler system in your pool, with jetted heads popping up on schedule to force a sweeping stream of water along the pool floor, benches, steps, ledges and—yes—the spa.  Doubling as your water return jets as well, the heads continuously recirculate the water in your pool and spa while it cleans the floor. Each head effectively distributes the chemicals and treatments evenly throughout your pool, as well as heated water should you decide to do so.

Check out this video on the Paramount PV3 In-Floor System

Sounds like a miracle, right?

Remember, it’s not a 100% cleaner either…and the cost will have to be justified.  However, it has a host of positives about it, not the least of which is the inconspicuous nature of the small heads in the pool and the fact that it is fixed in the pool so that removal is unnecessary.  Also, it is important to understand that the qualified installation and varying warranties need to be investigated as well.

The installation of this system requires a quality pool builder who is experienced and attentive to details.

To learn more about the cleaning options discussed here Contact Us and we will be glad to explain in more detail.

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David Fletcher

Design Consultant

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