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Written by Reaves Newsom


December 14, 2012

The Build a Pool Process.

Process, it’s an invaluable term to those who know the importance of the conception and implementation of any major construction project like one to build a pool.  The Process can be tedious and nerve-wracking—or, it can be exhilarating and informative.  It will be quite a journey either way and [rcsps] can help guide you from start to finish.

The process to build a pool is an undertaking that will almost always assure us of “leaving no stone unturned…”  That adage is a fine one to follow for swimming pool construction.  Process does indeed have a beginning.  However, for it to be complete, here are some interesting tidbits of advice when your family turns their attention to splashing around in your Atlanta backyard oasis.

We all want to do things the smart way, right?

Most of your local pool designers should be well-steeped in all of the state-of-the-art options of today’s swimming pool…right?  Well, maybe not.  The Swimming Pool Industry in Atlanta is no different than many others when it comes to keeping their representatives informed and trained properly.  From my many years in the industry, I can tell you story after story of poorly prepared salespeople lighting fires of disinformation and then dousing them with misleading promises.  It happens everywhere.  Even the internet can present any pool company in a heavenly glow of competence and quality!

Do your homework.  Ask to meet the owner.  Call references—both old and recent.  Pay attention to the timeliness of appointments and follow-ups.  Ask about the pool builder’s competition, etc.  Then watch closely as your designer surveys the pool site.  Remember, at this point, your backyard is grass, pine straw, trees or other unsightly structures that you would just as soon forget.  Does he seem to grasp a vision based on what you’ve told him?

What you don’t know is that a truly qualified designer already had a couple of ideas when he stepped onto your property!  This is where you can make a solid distinction between legitimacy and a pretender.  Experience is the designer’s friend.  Choosing this designer will put you on solid footing to build a pool that you want.

If you are looking to transform your backyard into a vacation spot, my advice would be to trust yourself.  Listen for words that may seem innocuous to you and ask your designer to explain them to you.  Words like elevations, construction access, tree canopies, drainage trails and fencing modifications show that your guy may well know what he’s doing.  However, by applying this discerning attitude throughout the experience, it will serve you well.  See, process is a valid method of making sure that you get the very best that our industry has to offer and that will make us all happier. We strive to be the best and we hope that [rcsps] is a choice you will look  into.

Give us a call or send us your information and we will be happy to set an appointment with you to get started with your design.

David Fletcher

Design Consultant

RCS Pool and Spa

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