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Written by Reaves Newsom


November 23, 2012

To build the inground swimming pool you want in Atlanta it is best to understand the factors that affect the pool cost to build.  If you are interested in pool financing we can help direct you to a few options that may work for you.  The pool cost to build is different in different parts of the country, state, county, city and even backyards. The cost runs the gamut depending on several factors and we’ve come up with the top factors that we believe have the most impact.

5 Factors That Most Affect The Pool Cost To Build

  • Terrain

  • Expectations

  • Component choices

  • Material choices and their restrictions

  • Size

Terrain – your backyard dictates a ton about the design and final pool cost to build.  However, just because your yard may slope that doesn’t mean that the project will cost more than a flat backyard.  If we can spread the dirt from the pool excavation out and use it to make it flat or lessen the elevation differences in some way then we can save the cost of hauling the dirt away.  While you may need the addition of walls, in many ways that ADDS to the aesthetics of the design as a whole.

Within terrain, we place utilities and setbacks equally as important as the slope in the understanding of the pool cost to build.  If you are on a septic system do you know where the tank and field lines are?  We can help figure that out. Do you have a survey of your property? It is important to know the limits of your property such as property lines and any easements that are known.  Think also about re-landscaping costs like sod, new plants, trees, etc.

Expectations – How are you going to use your inground pool?  Keep in mind whether you like to entertain or not and make sure you have enough deck space surrounding the swimming pool.  Have particular spots that are larger and can handle multiple chairs, lounges etc.  Have room for a table and chairs to eat poolside.  Don’t skimp on the deck.  That’s the one thing that all of our customers will tell you is that they are glad we took the time to layout the deck so that they could see it before we installed it.  Most of our customers changed the layout or added a deck once they saw what it looked like around the pool. Generally, the larger the pool the larger the deck and therefore the pool cost to build will be higher.

Component Choices – We could talk about component choices for days.  And we will. There will be several future blog entries concerning different choices among options available for your inground pool project.  Heaters, different types of automatic pool cleaners and in-floor cleaning systems, interior features like benches and tanning ledges, salt or no salt, variable speed pumps, filtration, and different types of pool automation.  Not everything is created equal and the same goes for different components of your pool.  Some components are luxury items, some are time savers, and some are just necessities of today.  We can help you decipher different brands, different color palates, and the pros and cons of each.

Material Choices – Like components, materials are equally as lengthy a discussion topic. Tile, coping and interior finish choices are just the first part.  We then turn to outside the pool for pool decking, hardscapes like walls and boulders, and finally fencing.  When we talk about restrictions on these materials we are talking about the Homeowner’s Association or city covenants if you have them.  While there are minimal restrictions we’ve encountered on the pool and hardscape requirements fencing is the most heavily restricted piece of the project. Fencing is required in the State of Georgia and the materials can be restricted to wood or aluminum or maximum/minimum height.  Or you may be limited to materials you can choose.  One thing is for sure the restrictions cannot go against or be lesser than the code requirements.

Size – Lastly, the size of the inground pool project generally has a lot to do with the pool cost to build as well. The larger the pool the bigger the budget needs to be.  Everything stems from the pool size.  Generally the decking should be around 1 ½ times the square footage of the pool. As we’ve explained above the type of deck you choose to install will affect the cost as well.

We will go into more detail with these in future blog articles.  Be sure to check back with us for the answers to your questions when looking to build a pool in your backyard.

If you are ready to get started then contact us.

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