5 Amazing Indoor Swimming Pool Inspirations

indoor swiming pool

Written by Reaves Newsom


May 21, 2021

Indoor pools are suitable for properties in all climates and, as the name suggests, can be used all year round. Below are just five stunning swimming pool designs that could serve as an inspiration if you’re thinking of building your own indoor pool.

Basement lap pool

An indoor swimming pool is a great use of a basement. Even if you’ve only got a small basement, you may still be able to add a relaxing plunge pool. In a slim long basement, you may even be able to add a lap pool such as this sleek and cool option at Wester Coates House. With larger basements, you could even double it up as a gym/basement. 

Indoor pool under the stars

Alternatively, you could build an indoor pool under the stars. A large skylight could allow light to flood into your indoor pool during the day while allowing you to swim under the stars at night. Looking to build in a basement or first floor room where you may not have this option? You could always create the illusion of swimming under the stars – this Minneapolis indoor swimming pool designed by John Kramer & Sons features a fiber optic roof that mimics a starry night sky. 

Arty inside pool

For something a little bit modern and quirky, check out this swimming pool inspiration from The Collins Project Part 2. Leanne Ford was tasked with restoring an indoor plunge pool and took the opportunity to give it an eccentric twist. The white balls give it the allure of a modern art exhibit while also looking a bit like bubbles. There are also some spherical lampshades on the roof to match. 

Barn conversion pool

If you own a property with an abandoned barn, you could consider turning this barn into an awesome indoor swimming pool. This beautifully converted barn property in Cambridge has one such indoor pool. The wooden beams have been preserved, giving it a gorgeous rustic feel. A barn conversion could end up being a lot cheaper than building an entirely new structure. Make use of the spare space you’ve already got!

Cave plunge pool

Located in the Infinity Suite of Dana Villas in Santorini, you’ll find this magical cave-like pool. It’s not entirely an indoor pool – in fact, as the video above shows, it leads to an outdoor infinity plunge pool. Most people are unlikely to be able to replicate this in their home, but it’s definitely one of the most exotic swimming pools we’ve seen and proves just some of the amazing things you can do with an indoor swimming pool. The idea of an indoor pool leading from an en suite bathroom is particularly cool. 

Ready to construct your indoor pool?

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